"Hey! I'm tired of Gibbs screwing this thing up."

President Obama making an impromptu appearance at the daily White House press briefing last Friday to detail the announcement of Justice David Souter's retirement. This is how you make an entrance:

Obama could nominate Souter's replacement as early as the end of this week according to Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, member of the Judiciary Committee. Signs point to the selection of a woman justice since Ruth Bader Ginsburg was left the lone female on the Supreme Court when Sandra Day O'Connor retired in 2006. You might recall two weeks ago during a case about the strip search of a 13-year old girl. Ginsburg let loose on Justice Breyer for suggesting that girls, like boys, shouldn't have an issue being naked in front of an adult of the same sex because of the similarity to a locker room:
According to NPR's Nina Totenberg, who was in the room, Ginsburg's eyes "flashed with anger" at Justice Breyer's question. "She seemed to all but shout, "Boys may like to preen in the locker room, but girls, particularly teen-aged girls, do not."
Souter will retire in June and his replacement should assume office when the court reconvenes in October.