Trying like hell to vote in '08

I Voted Today!

You may be too young to remember the 60s, when the dead clawed their way out of Chicago cemeteries so they could vote for Mayor Daley then rampaged the countryside in search of fresh brain meat as depicted in the documentary Dawn of the Dead. Well it only took a few decades for more cadavers to pop up on voter rolls, as they did in Miami back in the 2000 presidential election. But those politically active corpses were just the edge of the unbearable nightmare of that election and the morass voting has become. I've been following the "process" since 2000 turned my state into a national joke and 2008 looks to be the most conflicted election yet.

I wanted to put together a comprehensive narrative of current voting issues but time is running short and fresh news accounts of voting problems are hitting hard and fast. So here's a more tidy run down of voting issues I've come across this season:
If you want to follow voting problems in-depth two good sites are Black Box Voting and VotersUnite.Org, otherwise most major news outlets are trying to keep on top of voting issues that bubble to the surface (while hopefully not focusing on ACORN over and over) so keep and eye out. If you want to share anything related to anything I've written about go crazy in the comments. Good night, and good luck.