Five Word Review: Futurama: Bender's Game

Keep giving these guys money!

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"Is that a hobbit over there?"
"No that's a hobo and a rabbit, but they're making a hobbit."


Matt_the_Knife said...

Please!! I actually liked this film better than the first two, so screw the critics. (Yes, I played D&D.) SOME Futurama is way better than NONE.

Besides, Leela and Amy make out in this one. (I don't care if liking that makes me creepy.)

"Gynecaladriel, Queen of the Water Nymphos!"

Boe Jenjamin said...

What? The completely random girl-on-girl makeout is awesome!

I never played D&D but the way they keep cramming these movies with cool ideas and brilliant comedy makes it appealing anyway. Can't wait for the fourth movie, Into The Wild Green Yonder.