Newly Acquired for October

New/Old LPs for October

New LPs:
Blackalicious / A2G EP
Ruckus Roboticus / Playing with Scratches
Savath & Savalas / Folk Songs for Trains, Trees and Honey
Suarasama / Fajar Di Atas Awan
The Heliocentrics / Out There
Old LPs:
Chris Williamson / Lumière (1982)
Gary Gariépy / Motivation Associates Incorporated Presents "Mr. Motivation": What makes people tick? (1967)
Nation's Business EXECUDISC / How to communicate your ideas: Eight dramatized solutions, designed by experts, to everyday human relation problems in business (1967)
Pat Suzuki / Pat Suzuki (Miss Pony Tail) (1958)
Sesame Street / L♥ve (1980)
Slumber Party '57 Original Soundtrack (1976) (includes "Sh-Boom", "Great Balls of Fire", "My Boyfriend's Back" and "The Great Pretender", woo!)
Soft Cell / Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (1981)
The Bar-Kays / Coldblooded (1974)

Cool Cover Art:

10cc / How dare you! (tableau gatefold at bottom)
Maggie Smith & The Famous Theatre Company with the Hollywood Studio Orchestra / Tale Spinners for Children: The Adventures of Pinocchio
The Tahitian Percussionists & Exotic Voices / Tahitian Percussion
New stuff on the sly:
Funky 16 Corners / Radio v.58, Radio v.59, Meets Dolemite
Koushik / Out My Window (hear an interview with NPR)
Raphael Saadiq / The Way I See It
Scion CD Sampler v. 14 Mixed by DJ Monk-One
Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins / Clutch of the Tiger
The Aliens / Luna
Yoko Kanno / Cowboy Bebop: O.S.T. Future Blues
Needless to say, I gots a lot of music...