Colbert drops a hot steaming metaphor

Last Thursday Stephen had a sexy way of explaining the credit crisis to Stephen in "Formidable Opponent":

None of these companies are safe to mate with now. You see, a terrible credit disease has infected the market. It's like, um... business syphilis.

Well how did that happen?

Whelp, it started with a few slutty lenders who jumped into bed with some really sub-prime mortgages. The next thing you knew you had a credit orgy; people were swapping derivatives, A.I.G. was all up in Fannie Mae, Wachovia took on Golden West, then it turned around and got it on with AG Edwards, then Citigroup had 'em all at once. It was a steaming pile of hot slapping assets. No one knew who was bundling who, but if felt good and everyone was doing it. And in the end, let's just say the market blew its liquidity.
Watch the whole clip below: