Watch 'em have ralies with everyone wearing lipstick like the goddamn Joker

mccain nopeme: the McCain campaign is pushing an ad today criticizing Obama for saying "you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig"

but he said that as a criticism of McCain and how he calls his policies change

not about Sarah Palin

just heard someone speaking at a McCain rally today calling it a blatant attack against Palin

connecting it to alleged sexism from Obama against Clinton in the primaries

J-: lol

: the ad has a clip of Katie Couric talking about sexism against Clinton in the primaries

Obama responded by calling it what it is, out of context quoting and swiftboating

McCain ran an ad yesterday saying Obama wanted to give sex education to kindergartners

it was based on a bill voted for by Obama that protected children from child predators

: like I said, they're using the 'Palin as victim' role

: that's two days in a row of bullshit

: to get support

: er actually 3

the first few days of post-convention campaigning and they're already slinging shit with a snowplow

swear to god listening to them making accusations of sexism made me want to punch someone

in the face