Somebody bought the Construct of the Universe

What a lucky duck! Someone on eBay bought the Construct of the Universe (more specifically "electromagnetic energy supply-gravitational dynamics") for a measly $21,000,000. That might sound like a lot but keep in mind the shipping is free, and that's all the way from Australia.

It offers the real and plausible potential to change the evolutionary progress of humanity through the understanding, interaction and manipulation capabilities of gravitational dynamics and the Transverse Magnetic Poling principle system utilizing both the direct effects and indirect effects of electro magnetic radiation mass energy release and gravitational disruption. The G-ion theorem implicates the long sought after answer to the puzzle of the cosmic 'makeup of everything' which opens the door to unmeasured potentials.
And with a seller rating of zero you know you can trust him... her... it. Beats those "you are bidding on a picture of" a Wii/PS3/PS2 etc. by far.