Obama Liveblog: Q&A

First question about environment, responds about importance of Florida
enviro to state's economy. Second question by hecklers, ask about
treatment black community, saying O doesn't speak out about sub-prime
mortgage crisis, Sean Bell, Jena 6, etc. O responds he has, he spent
years as civil rights attorney, guy has right to vote for someone
else if he still disagrees ideologically. Point of campaign is to
bring all sides together.

Next question about immigration, O responds with better border
security, bring illegals out of the shadows, have them pay a fine.

Next question from middle aged veteran, asks about treatment of vets,
wounded. O responds with fixing Vet Services, understanding stressed
troops and families. "We owe a sacred duty to treat veterans as well
as they have treated us." Help with PTSD and disability treatment,
"zero tolerance" for homeless status of veterans.

Fixing edu, flaws of NCLB in tying performance to funds. Invest in
early childhood edu, more pay and improved supplies and support for
teachers, parent involvement, parent responsibility ("turn off the Tv,
make sure they do their homework," don't blame the teachers for

Prevent foreclosure, future of banking system unclear, need to
"tighten regulations," more oversight. Serious energy plan is the
priority. "Create five million new jobs in the green sector."

Sustainable environment: "Food system under enormous pressure,"
droughts, riots, Asia growing, etc. Subsidizing and discouraging
growers not working. Need better quality foods in our schools.

Last question: About international borrowing and national debt, where
is it coming from? Response: Explains change from surplus to debt
during Bush admin, implicates his fiscal policy, 9/11, Iraq war,
mortgage crisis, etc. Says we need to "prime the pump" in short term.
To fix the long term we have to end the war by transferring
responsibility to Iraqi security forces, rolling back tax cuts,
separate wheat from chaff in government spending, fix Medicare/
Medicaid issues without cutting benefits, use preventative care to cut
emergency room and chronic illness costs.

Closing remarks now.