Aug. 27/29 Polls: Palin more unfavorable than Biden

A new Gallup/USA Today poll pits Sen. Joe Biden against Gov. Sarah Palin. Biden leads Palin by a twelve percent margin in favorability, though he also leads in unfavorability due to Palin's relative anonymity (half say they've never heard of her).

Those polled also say Biden is more qualified by an 18 percent margin, whereas Palin is deemed unqualified by 15 percent. More female disaffected Hillary Clinton Democrats say Palin's attachment to the Republican ticket actually make it less likely they will vote for McCain than those who say the choice now draws their vote. There goes the "he did it for the Clinton supporters" argument. "Over the past two decades, only Quayle received lower ratings after being picked for a ticket."

Personally speaking, as a PoliSci graduate and politics fiend this is the weirdest move I've seen in politics since Sen. Ted Stevens called the internet a series of tubes, Congress renamed french fries "freedom fries" in their cafeterias, and the FBI found $90k in illegal funds wrapped in foil in Rep. William Jefferson's freezer and he won reelection.


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