Cover Art: More - Best of the Mummers by the Champions Aqua String Band

More - Best of the Mummers by the Champions Aqua String Band
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ABC 401
No year listed.
No cover artist listed, not signed.

Excerpt from the back:
"In the forty years since 1921, Aqua has scoured every remote corner of the earth to use imaginative themes and costumes. Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Brazil have represented the Spanish influence, while such exotic spots as Africa, Arabia, India, China, Egypt, Siam, Russia, the North Pole, and even Shangri-La have not been neglected. ... The vivid Siamese Dancers themes for 1955 will be long remembered by those spectators fortunate enough to have seen it. Especially notable was Captain Fred Kesel's glittering portrayal of the six-armed god Vishnu, for which he was awarded First Prize from the City of Philadelphia in the Captain's Costume division."

So apparently 'Mummers' are a New Years tradition in Philadelphia, part of a Mardi Gras-like parade of costumed people. According to Wikipedia the 'String Bands' are "large marching bands composed of saxophones, banjos, violins, string basses, drums, glockenspiels, and accordions with dancers and backdrops." The cover on this album is part of a pretty cool series, with others shown on the back. As you can imagine though the music, featuring songs like "Oh! Susana" and "Swannee River", is pretty horrible to listen to.