A guy made a thing

eyeFōn G3'd

Today some guy announced a new thing that's better than his old thing because it goes better faster and says where it is because of its new inside parts plus it's less money than the old thing was when it was new and looks different but it's the same mostly and people thought it should have more things different but it doesn't so they don't like that but some people thought it was OK so it's OK and the guy said there were cool new things for his old thing and his new thing but didn't say when other people could do the new things on their old things but he said if people want his new thing they could get it in a lot of days like a month they will give you one in your hand for the people who want it and give them one 100 and 99 dollars.

Then some guys and then some other guys touched his new thing and said some stuff about it and they said new things about it people that want to buy the new thing should know about it and they said people have to pay more money too.