The Energy Show coming July 5th

On July 5 Pale Horse Graphic Design Studio in downtown St. Petersburg will host The Energy Show '08: The Elements of Skill featuring graffiti artists from around the world. The opening reception goes from 8pm until 11pm. It's a small gallery space so I assume it'll be packed. Here's the blurb:

The Energy Show is a large group of international graffiti artists who have each obtained a mastery of their own style. They have each gained respect and admiration in the underground world of graffiti. Now they have joined together to bring their flavor to the more mainstream world of gallery art. Spectators will view paintings based on the technical and colorful letter styles of artists such as Waf from Aalst Belgium, Cern from Brooklyn New York, Center from St. Pete Florida, and Akut from Berlin Germany. There will be paintings from over 30 international graffiti artist on display. The Energy Show warns attendants to be prepared to witness massive skill and unique forms on display. In 2007 The Energy Show was created to organize elite graffiti artists and give them an international stage to present their artwork. The outcome was tremendous. The Energy Show visited galleries in St. Pete Florida, Naples Florida, Brussels Belgium, and Antwerp Belgium. It was even featured as a part of The Meeting of Styles the world’s largest organized graffiti events group. Each turnout was amazing and the fan base grew quickly. This has allowed the Energy Show to flourish, creating its own little niche in the world of gallery art. The Energy Show is fully prepared to make this year an even more memorable experience. The creators have searched the globe for the most original, cutting edge, hardest hitting graffiti artists around. They have hooked up with some of the coolest galleries available. They have linked with some awesome sponsors. They are prepared to make history again in 2008.

There are links to the individual artists in The Energy Show's friends list.