Cover Art: Yellow Bird by Jamaica Duke & The Mento Swingers

Yellow Bird by Jamaica Duke & The Mento Swingers
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Tiger/Dynamic Sounds
SLP 0004
No year listed.
Photo may or may not be by Herbert Gordon, design by Grimax Advertising Ltd.

Excerpt from the back:
"Intrigued with the magic rhythm and sesuous beat of the Jamaican "Mento", The Duke took up singing in 1961 and skyrocketed to world fame ... In this Album are some of the most beautiful and nostalgic Caribbean music - from the "The Yellow Bird", the story of a pretty girl who wanted to stay free like the Yellow Banana Bird, to "Jamaica Calling" which tells of the Hills, Valleys and Beauty that is his island in the Sun. This is a lively record for listening and dancing, and if you're having a party, then - put it on."

The quality of the recording here isn't very good, even though they name drop like crazy with Sony, Telefunken and Sennheiser. Doesn't matter though, this cover is too damn cool.


Tim said...

Good Job! :)