Clinton needs to suspend her primary campaign...

...for the love of God, and it isn't often you hear a secular humanist appeal to religion.

Yesterday the Democratic Party's Rules & Bylaws Committee decided Michigan delegates will go 54% Clinton and 46% Obama, Florida delegates will go 61% Clinton and 39% Obama, and that the delegates for each state will only count for half. Today Clinton won Puerto Rico, greeting the crowd with Ricky Martin's music blaring in the background. On Tuesday Montana and South Dakota hold the final two primaries.

Tomorrow Clinton is introducing an ad in which she asks voters to join "17 million people who want to beat John McCain" and vote for her, convenient math that leaves out the 17 million who also voted for Obama. In the mean time Clinton has supporters like this one spouting off about the Rules & Bylaws Committee's decision:

I just finished watching CNN's statistical orgasm on their larger-than-life touchscreen map of the US. They showed that Clinton's electability appeal to superdelegates only involves flipping two swing states in the Democrat's favor for the general election as opposed to Obama flipping two to three (based on 2004's red versus blue split). Clinton would like to ignore this slight difference, that her "17 million" argument leaves out voters in caucus states and Obama voters in Michigan. Her real issue is that "undecided" superdelegates have already decided in favor of Obama and are waiting for Hillary to make a graceful exit.

The 17 million "popular vote" Clinton avows is popular in name only. The primary elections were spread over six months, they were not a decision a united country made at one point in time. Wanting to wield superdelegates against her opponent not only flies in the face of Obama supporters, but could offend both Clinton's voters who think Obama can't win the general election and Obama's voters who would vote for Clinton any day. As Jon Stewart reminds President Bush from time to time, the person we elect president "is president of all of the people."

Clinton's only remaining string pulls the Democratic party into total chaos, boosting only egos using funny math at the cost of this election and future of our country. I'm sorry, I thought this was America!