Radiohead @ Ford Amphitheatre

Radiohead, Tampa 5/06/2008

Along with 17,500 people I got to see Radiohead last Tuesday at the Ford Amphitheatre. Luckily they managed to get the place built before I got there. Even standing in the cheapo area on the lawn the show was incredible to watch. This was the second US show this tour, and they were generous enough to do not one but two encores. Here's the setlist:

Set: All I Need, There There, Lucky, Bangers and Mash, 15 Step, Nude, Pyramid Song, Optimistic, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, National Anthem, Idioteque, You and Whose Army?, Reckoner, Everything in Its Right Place, Airbag, Bodysnatchers, Videotape

Encore 1: The Gloaming, The Tourist, Just, Faust Arp, Exit Music (For A Film)

Encore 2: The Bends, House Of Cards
(thanks Coventry!)

If you could harness the power they had to please the crowd you could probably pull a V For Vendetta. I tried to take some pictures but the sheer distance (330 feet!) made everything blurry even with vibration reduction going at the highest ISO. I tried to take some videos too but the microphone on my camera is terrible. They didn't allow video cameras into the show, but some people got point-and-shoot videos. Check them out on YouTube.

The most amazing part of the show was the lighting. Instead of regular stage lights they had seven rows of hanging LED bars, four rows of LEDs above the stage, projected lights, fog, and an LED wall below a five screen display showing video feeds of all five band members. They mixed up the LED bars with wave patterns, skittering stripes and really beautiful star patterns. They played with the video feeds too, Thom had a camera on his piano so he could look larger than life during "You and Whose Army?"

Anyway here are some of my photos, but I'd recommend you check out GogDog's set (which includes the photo up top):

Radiohead in Tampa
Radiohead in Tampa
Radiohead in Tampa
Radiohead in Tampa
Radiohead in Tampa


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