Cover Art: Songs Of The West by The Norman Luboff Choir

Songs Of The West by The Norman Luboff Choir
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Columbia Records
CL 657
No year listed.
Cover credited to Arizona Highways magazine.

Excerpt from the back:
"It is not surprising that the American west has captured the imagination of Europeans, for Europe, with its centuries of crowding, has no comparable vistas. Neither has any other area in the world been so swiftly and recently developed, opened up less than a century ago, and with the legend-makers still living. The songs and stories of the west, its histories (still to be got at first hand), its memorable movies—all of these excite the European imagination enormously. Perhaps because Americans are so close to these things in both time and space, we sometimes tend to overlook the sweep and richness of the story, and to think of "cowboys and indians" as a children's game, forgetting that only yesterday it was a matter of life and death to many."

I picked this up just because of the cover, I rarely see one without text. Because of The Big Lebowski I tend to grab any record that covers "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" but the music here is not that great. It was only a dollar though so I'm not complaining.


bc said...

kept my copy of this lp when I ditched all my vinyl because of that cover with no text.... it's wonderful

Boe Jenjamin said...

Yeah I actually found another sealed copy at a thrift shop a few weeks back. Not often you see completely text-less old records like this.