Barack Obama Rally in Tampa

Rapt AttentionToday I got to see Senator and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, his first stop in Florida this week and his first rally after declaring a pledged delegate majority in Iowa last night. You can check out various news sources' takes on the stop here.

Obama was preceded on stage by Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio and Representatives Robert Wexler and Cathy Castor. The crowd went lovingly insane when he finally took the stage. We stood cheering so long he had to remind us we could sit if we wanted.

He hit an amazing number of platform points, circling the podium to make sure to face everyone and rarely having to refer to his notes. I have never seen a more affable and well prepared person in all my life.

Obama systematically picked apart Sen. John McCain's arguments against direct talks with heads of state like Iranian leader Ahmadinejad and other foreign policy disagreements, then pushed ahead into domestic issues. Some of the promises he made included providing a thousand-dollar tax credit to families paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes, investing $150 billion over ten years in alternative energy, giving tax breaks to corporations that decide against outsourcing, withdrawing from Iraq in 2009 while finishing the job in Afghanistan, properly providing for our soldiers and veterans, and ensuring universal healthcare by the end of his first administration. Read up on his positions on an array of issues here and then rub them in the face of anyone who tells you he is a man of no substance. Yes you can.

Mr. O

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