Cover Art: Songs by Tom Lehrer

Songs by Tom Lehrer
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Cover design by The Cambridge Design Group. No specific artist listed though, and no signature.

Quote from the back:
"Tom Lehrer is an entirely mythical figure, a figment of his parents' warped imagination. Ever since he was old enough to eat with the grownups he has been merely the front for a vast international syndicate of ne'er-do-wells. But enough of Lehrer the artist. What of Lehrer the bon vivant, man about town, and idol of three continents (and Madagascar, where half a million gibbering natives think he is God)?"

For those who don't know, Tom Lehrer plays piano and sings about social and political topics. For instance on this one he does songs about dope pushers, college football and Irish drunkenness. In other words the topics and comedy are very very dated, great cover though.