Cover Art: Shaalu Sh'lom Yerushalayim (Seek Ye Peace For Jerusalem)

Shaalu Sh'lom Yerushalayim (Seek Ye Peace for Jerusalem)
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XTV 60941
No date listed.
Cover by Sheldon Lenkowski.
Music composed by and that is a photo of Aharon Ron. Could use a little trim.

Quote from the back:
"In Walt Whitman's epic 'Song of Myself' the famed American poet transposes his identity with several characteristic features of American life. He is no longer the poet Walt Whitman. He is the beach, the hawk, the stage coach, the sensitive youth."

How poetic, but seriously get that guy a trim. And maybe a cookie.


winjuroo said...

Joe, that guy has the same beard as you! That album cover is weird tho... how'd u rebuild it?

Boe Jenjamin said...

Half of a record cover just barely fits on my scanner so I scan four corners separately with no color correction. They're loaded into Photoshop and I rotate the scans so they're squared, overlap them as precisely as I can, use some soft erasing to blend the four layers' edges then flatten the image and do some color correction and healing when needed.