Sarasota Film Festival: Gone With The Woman

Gone With The Woman (Tatt av kvinnen) is a Norwegian comedy about a unnamed thirty-something bachelor who finds himself pulled into a relationship by an odd, flighty and controlling woman named Marianne. She starts as a persistent acquaintance who shows up at his apartment randomly and never stops talking, but when he shows a glint of interest she jumps all over him.

Marianne moves in immediately, they meet each other's families, and they even take a trip around Europe together. Between their incredible sex, his dead end job and time spent at a private pool, they fall in and out over Marianne's loony eccentricities and her oddly heavy symbolic yellow dresser. I don't want to give too much away so I'll leave the summary at that.

The comedy works really well and benefits from the point-of-view film style similar to what you would see in something like Scrubs but without the constant badum-ching quick cuts and the pissy MD wisecracker. Marianne's irrational habits cause a lot of confusion for the poor guy, and as a connoisseur of other people's relationship issues I can see a lot of truth in their incompatibility. The perfect acting and clever humor ties it all together. I'd highly recommend this even if you don't like foreign films and hate subtitles because reading is for losers and old people and makes you irritable and violent and lose control of your bowels.

You can watch the trailer here, but there aren't any subtitles.