Art of Justice

Justice is Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé, two incredible French dance musicians who became prominent in 2003/4 with remixes of a couple of Simian songs. I've been impressed with their simple and stark black, gold and white cover art and their eye kablooming music videos so I've collected them all here. And it doesn't hurt that their music is damn good, you should really download or buy their album . All of the covers are drawn by So Me.

Cover Art (click for larger versions)

Waters Of Nazareth (2005)

D.A.N.C.E. (April 2007)

(aka Cross for people without a † key, June 2007)

Phantom (November 2007)

DVNO (2008)


I came across this last year on Stash 34 (Stash is a monthly DVD magazine). Directed by Jonas & François, animated by So Me.


Found this recently through an amazing post about retro art on Smashing Magazine's site. Directed by So Me, Yorgo Tloupas and Machine Molle.

link to video's page

Justice Vs. Simian: We Are Your Friends

This is just a strange video, not so much artistic as creative. Directed by Jérémie Rozan and Martial Schmeltz.

Ed Banger Records

This is a promo for Ed Banger Records, the label for Justice, Simian and So Me. I'm pretty sure So Me did this one too.

More!: Promo video for release, wallpapers on the French fan site, Justice on Wikipedia.


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